Federico Pedroletti Photography Profile

Hi!. My name is Federico and I’m a

Zürich wedding photographer

and cover weddings all over Switzerland, UK and rest of Europe.

My goal is simple: get meaningful images that make you feel again your wedding day.

I look tirelessly for wonderful images of love, fantasy, laughs and tears, pride and... all the fun and madness as well, all of this, mixed with all the lights, all the details and all the colours of each moment.

I like real stories from real couples, so, I let things happen without interfere and document them looking for a profile of naturalness and elegance.

If you would like me as your Wedding Photographer, or if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me using the Form


Julia & Lucio

Hi Fede!
What to tell you that you have not been told infinitely?
You are a genius in what you do and as a person!
You accompanied us at all times, you made us feel unique!
We could not have chosen a better person to portray the most important day of our life!
We leave you a giant kiss from both of us and we hope that our recommendation, which will be tireless, will bring you much more work!
Thanks a million again !!!

Marisa & Juanjo

Federico!!! I´ve been meaning to write to you for a few days !!!
Thank you very much for the photos, they are beautiful, you outdid yourself!!!!!!!!!
We chose you fully aware that you were so good in your art, seeing them reflected in us reached us deep inside our heart !!!!!!
Thank you so much for perfectly capturing one of the best moments of our lives!
We feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you on our beautiful day.

Laura & Stefan

Thanks Fede !!
We loved the photos !!!
Thanks again ... and hugs from Stefan and I!

Noel & Ema

We just finished seeing all the photos !!!!
We are mesmerised!!!!
It feels as though we are reliving the whole night!
Thanks ❤

María Paula & Gera

You shared every moment with us, every look as an accomplice witness, and every moment you helped make unique... you were not the one who came to take some photographs, you were indispensable for us with a smile of support when facing strong emotions!!
Thank you Fede, thank you for being that great person we had the honor of having as a photographer !!

Flor & Juanpi

Dear Fede!
We saw the photos with our family today.
Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the work you did both in the pre and the day of the wedding.
We hope we made you feel comfortable and free in your work.
We send you a big hug and thanks again.