Laura + Björn

Finally, the long-awaited day had arrived.

It was a hot day in Wiesbaden, and we were all eager to witness the much-anticipated wedding of Laura and Björn. There had been several delays due to COVID protocols, and guests had come from Switzerland, Spain, France, Argentina, and the UK.

Laura and Björn were two passionate photography enthusiasts, and we met in Lucerne during their engagement session. But that's another story. Taking photos during the preparation was prohibited by protocol, so we started directly at the civil ceremony, which took place at the Altes Rathaus in Wiesbaden, an old and majestic building that looked like it was straight out of a movie (like the rest of the city).

Only the bride and groom, witnesses, translator, and photographer were allowed inside, with FFP2 masks and the fear of not being able to work freely. But fortunately, my concerns were unwarranted. The judge allowed complete freedom of action, and we all felt very comfortable. There was even a tripod and lighting system available to hold phones and livestream the ceremony to the guests waiting outside.

Both the civil and religious ceremonies are emotional thresholds in the lives of couples. It's at that moment when they become fully aware of the magnitude of the step they are taking. And it was no different on this occasion. After the civil ceremony, we headed to Balthasar Ress - Weinbar & Vinothek. With a wide selection of drinks and an atmosphere of all smiles, the first toast to the newlyweds' happiness was made by Laura and Björn. Later, we decided to take some shots in the vicinity. Although we were in the heart of the city, there were stunning locations for photos. We chose the Casino, located in one of the many parks in the city. Once we finished and took a break, we headed to the venue for the blessing, dinner, and party. All of this took place at Villa im Tal, a very elegant place located in a quiet and natural environment in the hills of Wiesbaden, just a few minutes from the city.

The blessing was a moment that combined emotion with fun. Why? Well, because it was officiated by a friend full of enthusiasm, but I still have doubts about his theological training. Ha ha ha! After the blessing, it was time for total decompression. Goodbye formalities! The dinner and non-stop dancing began, and to my surprise, the Germans turned out to be serious about another area: having fun!!! 🎉 Speaking of dinner, everything was of excellent quality, but let me tell you that Laura and Björn's wedding cake is in my top 2 of all time. It was a pile of cheese varieties, yes, cheeses! A real delicacy for dairy product lovers!

Undoubtedly, this was an unforgettable day for all attendees (including myself)!

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Civil ceremony: Altes Rathaus.

Toast: Balthasar Ress - Weinbar & Vinothek.

Reception and party: Villa im Tal.